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The teenage years are an important time of development and growth. These years provide opportunities to learn about life, discover new talents, and enjoy quality time with family and friends.


All donations are tax deductible and useful to maintain, sustain and provide a better quality of life for those in need. Join us in our fight to prevent and end illiteracy, homelessness, crime, death and violence among our youth and young adult population.

Kadovia S. Smith
My story, His glory!

Sarah’s House of Refuge, Inc. was birthed out of a vision God planted in my heart and fueled with passion from a childhood I lived through and He delivered me from.


The children we have helped and seek to help are those who find themselves in what they feel to be a helpless and/or hopeless situation with circumstances beyond their control. 

As a youth and young adult, I lived through helplessness, hopelessness and homelessness. Fortunately for me, God meticulously placed someone in my life during every season of life to help me make it through.


Not everyone survives, but I did! Sarah’s House of Refuge, Inc. is my way of reaching back, giving back and thanking God I made it. I can, you can! That’s the hope we’d like to ignite back into the heart, mind and soul of every youth and young adult that enters our program.


I recently wrote and released a book, “Between You & Me," that details the story of my life. Once you read my story, you’ll understand my passion! 


To learn more and purchase a copy, click here!

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