Sarah's House of Refuge

Serving youth and young adults

 who are in need of shelter.


Sarah's House of Refuge

Sarah’s House of Refuge is a long-term residential home that serves youth and young adults.

Each individual who becomes a SHOR participant will receives a place to sleep, daily meals and a caregiver who will serve as a mentor during their stay. All participants are expected to attend school and be committed to developing a concrete life plan.

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Noah's Arc of Safety


             Redesigned Program


SHOR Mercy & Blessings Ministries

SHOR Mercy and Blessings Ministries is a ministry without walls, determined to; restore, repair, rebuild and establish new relationships as we execute the ministry of reconciliation Christ has committed to us all. In this Christian ministry, one will find friendship, fellowship and faith in Jesus Christ. 

We are a body of Christian believers from different assemblies who have come together to make positive impacts and influences in the lives of those in the various communities to which we are called to serve.

 We are committed to helping others help themselves by hosting Christian events, workshops, retreats, seminars, classes, services and community outreaches that will focus on the needs of others. All programs presented by SHOR are intended to enlighten, encourage and strengthen one’s relationship with God and others.

If impacting God's Kingdom by way of helping others is something you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you. Email us directly at

Together, we can make the difference!


SHOR Guarantee

What makes our program unique is the fact that we will require all participants to complete high school or a GED program and further their education. Each participant accepted into our program will have a peace of mind knowing that they are able to live in our residential home community for the duration of their time in high school and that we will work along with them as they pursue college or trade school and transition to independent living. Our aim is to help young people set goals for their future and achieve them. Each young person who comes through our program will have a family of support to help them accomplish their goals; we will work as one team, learning and growing together. We take pride in knowing that our future participants will grow into fine adults who become productive members of society.

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