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The holistic approach is our way of paving the way for SHOR participants to reach their maximum potential and exceed their highest goals.

The SHOR Way

In order to guide the young people of SHOR to their maximum potential, we take a holistic approach. We work to impact their lives in the following areas:

They will be introduced to Jesus Christ and have opportunities to attend church, serve in ministries of interest and complete community service projects.


They will learn to create a household budget, open a bank account, and learn about financial literacy through practical hands-on application.


They will learn the importance of daily exercise; hygiene; nutrition and wellness; sex education and proper dress and will receive instruction from leading healthcare professionals.


They will receive academic support and coaching, learn to fill out job applications and prepare for interviews, prepare to apply to college, and learn etiquette.


They will participate in workshops to boost self-esteem and will also receive training in anti-bullying techniques and conflict resolution.

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