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Sarah’s House of Refuge, Inc. is missioned to provide a facility with an atmosphere conducive to nurture, assist and support homeless, displaced and unaccompanied youth and young adults.

Risk Factors and Vulnerable Populations 

During adolescence, the brain grows and changes in significant ways, transitioning from childhood to adulthood. This stage of rapid brain development is shaped through thinking, planning, learning and acting and is dependent on experiences and opportunities. Peer relationships become more valuable, youth explore identity and autonomy and examine risks and rewards. Youth and young adults thrive with supportive relationships and in safe environments. The lack of these supports can contribute to youth and young adult homelessness.  

The Congressional Research Service identified a youth’s sexual orientation, school problems, pregnancy and substance use as primary risk factors for family conflict or disagreement. Family conflict is most often cited as the reason youth give for their homelessness or episodes of running away. The report notes that females are more likely than males to run away, and among white, Black and Hispanic youth, Black youth have the highest rates of running away. 


*Information ascertained from the NCSL website (read more)



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