Young people who come to SHOR agree to participate in an experience that is both broad and challenging. They commit to make the most of their school years and to prepare for college and beyond by being active participants in a safe and nurturing environment.


“My name is Kendra, and during my time of transition Rev. Dr. Phyllis Addison and her husband served as surrogate parents for me. I was in need of a place to live, and they opened their hearts and home to me. Initially, I only planned to stay for 6 months, however, they allowed me to stay until I was financially stable and able to find an apartment of my own. My stay with them helped me to grow independent and mature spiritually. I am truly grateful for their love, support and hospitality during this critical period in my life.”
-Kendra C.

“Growing up, I lacked sound structure and quality time from my parents, as they both were substance abusers. As a result, I sought attention elsewhere, either in the streets or from friends whose families appeared to have some form of structure in their household. In all of my searching, one family in particular caught my eye, the Addisons. Their home had the loving atmosphere that I’d longed to find. When I visited, I took notice of the respectable, easy going, loving and stable environment they’d established for their children. It was such an encouraging home for all to emulate. I’ve always felt welcomed and was always welcomed to sleep over. The majority of the times when I stayed at their home, at their request not requirement, I would attend church on Sunday mornings. The Addisons help set the ground work for me to think and view life from a better perspective. I now strive to live for the future and not for the moment. Their caring and impeccable approach to life caused me to want better and more out of life. To love God first and to treat others as I wish to be treated are the values I learned from them and clearly share with my children today. For this, I say thank you!”
-Nicole A. Duncan

"...There is such a great need for a long term residential home community like SHOR for adolescents in the state of Maryland. Once my grandfather died and I hit my teenage years, because of the lack of stability, guidance and support, I found myself making all kinds of unwise choices and decisions. My life was spiraling out of control. In 2011, at the age of 16, I found myself pregnant and alone. I knew I wasn’t ready neither was I prepared, mentally, physically, emotionally or financially to be a mother. I was afraid and didn’t know what to do. I reached out to Rev. Baublitz, whom I fondly call mommy. She counseled me and later took me into her home. I became a part of a greater community of family. I was loved and accepted by all who was connected to her. Although she did not give birth to me, she treated me like I was her own, and for the first time in my life, after the death of my grandfather, I felt loved, like I belonged, like I really had a mother. I thank God she allowed me the opportunity to come and live with her. Had it not been for her being there, I don’t know what would’ve happened. Rev. Baublitz’s main goal was to help me complete high school, further my education and/or find a job that would lead to a promising career. One year later, with a 5 month old, a lot of time, patience, unconditional love and support from Rev. Baublitz and my new community of family, I graduated from high school. Currently I’m employed at BWI Airport. It wasn’t easy, but I did it! If you’re looking for unconditional love, structure, stability and support, SHOR will be the place for you.”
-Genethia Conway

Is SHOR Right for you?

Young people who come to SHOR agree to participate in an experience that is both broad and challenging. They commit to make the most of their school years and to prepare for college or trade school and beyond by being active participants in a safe and nurturing environment.


Participants must:

  • Want to complete high school or GED program

  • Develop their natural talents and abilities

  • Actively seek post-graduate employment

  • Commit to being an engaged SHOR alumni upon program completion


SHOR embraces diversity among its members. We take tremendous pride in our resolve to uncover and nurture the unique gifts, talents and abilities within each youth and young adult who becomes a member of our community of family.​

SHOR Guarantee

What makes our program unique is the fact that we will require all participants to complete high school or a GED program and further their education. Each participant accepted into our program will have a peace of mind knowing that they are able to live in our residential home community for the duration of their time in high school and that we will work along with them as they pursue college or trade school and transition to independent living. Our aim is to help young people set goals for their future and achieve them. Each young person who comes through our program will have a family of support to help them accomplish their goals; we will work as one team, learning and growing together. We take pride in knowing that our future participants will grow into fine adults who become productive members of society.

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